Environmental and human health depend on the proper management of waste. Unsafe disposal of trash can cause serious consequences. The health of our family would suffer if the environment we live in was dirty. It would become a breeding ground for bacteria.

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We would start by managing waste in our own homes. Every day we generate huge amounts of waste in our houses. The proper separation of recyclable and not-recyclable waste would greatly help. The kitchen can have recycling bins. Segregation of recyclable and non-recyclable waste should be done using separate bins. Throwing away plastic would cause a huge amount of waste to be generated, which would pose a serious threat to the environment. Since plastic is not biodegradable it can easily be recycled. Use of home recycling bins would be an excellent and practical idea.

Nowadays, recycling has gained in popularity and more people realize the value of it. It is mandatory to recycle things such as plastics, papers, and cardboard. Burning plastic is dangerous because it’s non-biodegradable. Every day, paper is generated in large quantities by offices. In the home, we can recycle and segregate our daily newspapers. This will also help reduce the number trees cut.

The waste generated by factories is enormous. These wastes must be appropriately disposed. A major difference is in the amount of waste generated by factories. In addition, factory waste contains more chronic elements. The factory waste treatment and disposal is subject to many laws. There are many regulations and they must be strictly followed. It would be detrimental to dispose of waste without treating it. Either way, it could result in the spread of chronic diseases. The oil industry has a lot of substances that must be safely disposed. It is important to educate and inform employees about the benefits of recycling. Every employee at work should have their own recycling bin and the workplaces must be regularly cleaned.

They must also be taught how to properly dispose of the waste. It is important to encourage children to dispose waste in a separate bin. Use of two types bins in your home to segregate waste prior disposal is a great idea. It is important that each individual does their bit to protect and preserve the environment. It is up to us all as individuals to do our part in making the environment safer and more enjoyable.