Imagine miles of vine-covered hillsides, basking in warm Pacific sunshine, but not the disturbing image of hundreds homeless people in alleyways or parks. They desperately need drug and alcohol rehabilitation Renew Wellness Recovery.

Community Action Napa Valley says that there are 350 homeless in the City of Napa. This is located at the heart of Napa County. Nearly 50 percent of those homeless people are women. They are also trapped in the hellish cycle of alcohol and drugs addiction. It is possible to get alcohol and/or drug rehab locally. But, it still begs the question: What will happen when these individuals graduate from their successful rehab programs? In some cases, that could mean going back on the streets.

Nonita Mendez was going through her recovery from addiction when, 10 years earlier, she founded New Life Outreach. Though she wasn’t homeless, she realized that many others were in need of temporary housing after recovering from their addictions.

Jamie Jackson, 28, is one of the typical successes for New Life Outreach. Jamie was addicted both to alcohol and drug abuse and had been homeless in Napa and roamed its streets along with many others. She recalls being high on drugs, and talking to friends about her desire to enroll in drug rehabilitation. Unbeknownst to her, one of her friends dragged the girl into his van. They drove her straight to hospital.

In describing her drug rehab, she told The Register: “Everyday I was getting clearer-minded.” Jackson revealed that a full week before her graduation she realized there was no other option but to go back onto the streets. After receiving a fax, her counsellor learned about the New Life Outreach programme.

Jackson received a place at the halfwayhouse. After three months, Jackson now has a regular job. She is also reestablishing her career as an RN assistant. New Life Outreach offers a secure environment for Jackson, who is trying to steer clear of alcohol and drugs.