Following are the combination microwaves that made my shortlist, after extensive research and reading reviews from users. You should research which microwave combi oven offer the best value and reliability before you buy one.

Panasonic NCF778S Flat bed microwave combination.

As the NNCF778SBPQ has no turntable, you do not have to select a small plate to be rotated. The 27-litre oven capacity is partly due to this. You can fill it with larger dishes. The microwave, convection and grill all work together to give you a true cooking combination.

Some features are:

A flatbed microwave can be equipped with a 1300-watt grill that will cook a whole roast dinner. Cavity made of stainless steel with two cooking levels. The energy-saving mode. 6 power levels. Turbo defrost. Touch control. Child lock

Some specifications include:

1000W (I.E.C.) Inverter Microwave with 1300W Quartz Grill with 3 Settings and 1400W Fan assisted Convection Oven Temperature Range 40degC, then 100-250degC.

General Electric Advantium Advantium 110 SCA1001KSS

SCA1001KSS is the only speedcook model that runs on 120-volt electricity. Install this model and plug it in to an existing outlet over the range. You can start cooking right away.

If your outlet is 120 volts, then you can choose a model with 240 volts for better performance. Advantium 120 would be a great alternative to a more basic microwave.

It has an impressive array of features. Advantium 120 features 100 preprogrammed foods, sophisticated help programs and recipe saving for personal favorites. High-performance sensor measures moisture and stops the cooking process at just the right moment. This sensor virtually eliminates the possibility of food being damaged in the microwave.

This type of oven uses a ventilation fan with two speeds that delivers a maximum airflow of 300cfm. For the lighting of your cooktop, we recommend a bright halogen source.

Pros 120 Volt power, great sensor and superior lighting

Cons: Lower power than models with 240 Volts

An Advantium user was happy to write: “My Advantium preheates in approximately 5 minutes.” After using the oven, it cools off very quickly. I’ve had no problems with using it again as a micro-wave. It’s on my countertop for the moment, while I prepare the new kitchen. A real godsend!)”