Not so long ago, the east coast of Phuket was barely noticed. Many thought it was too far away, too dull, and too boring. Recently, it was discovered by buyers of property who wanted it to remain a secret. Read more now on Phuket property

With its idyllic beaches, charming seaside villages and towns, and an excellent mix of restaurants that offer top-quality food, the west coast is always a popular destination in Phuket.

On the west coast, since the late 80s, when the island began to develop as a tourism destination, many luxury hotels, boutiques resorts, and apartments and villas sprang up. Popular but maybe a bit overcrowded.

In high season, towns like Patong and Kata are so popular you can’t even walk down the street in these places without being approached to buy something. You might be asked to buy an Iguana, buy a crazy gadget or stroke one. The beaches are strewn with sun loungers as tourists try to get enough rays for their return home.

The west coast has a lot to offer, but if you want peace and quiet from the busy life of your day-to-day routine then you should consider the east coast.

It’s not as crowded, in fact there’s very little.

The east coast is home to fewer tourists, as there are only a few hotels and resorts. The east coast is more suited to spa retreats, relaxation and wellness. Jet skis, discos and tailor shops are not welcome here.

The east coast of Phuket offers the best views. As the sun sets, the islands and limestone karsts in Phang Nga Bay are visible. The sky becomes orange-hued. As the sun sets, fishing boats and yachts are seen cruising the seas.

Marinas are a great way to enjoy boating on the east coast. Experts will tell you the west coast in summer is too rough to safely moor boats.

The east coast is perfect for boating, with its calm waters and tranquil atmosphere. Phang Nga Bay offers a variety of islands, caves and beaches for everyone to explore.

You can spend a day at the beach, collecting shells or snorkeling, or just relaxing in the sand.

You have many options if you own a boat. Royal Phuket Marina, with its upmarket shops and restaurants. Boat Lagoon. Yacht Haven. Or the latest and most popular – Ao Por Grand Marina.

Golf is right on your doorstep.

Mission Hills is a Jack Nicklaus-designed links course, with a fantastic clubhouse. It’s located on the East Coast. You can reach several other courses in just 20 minutes, including The Blue Canyon which hosted the Johnnie Walker Classic on two occasions, and Loch Palm, located at the centre of island.

Property prices in the east are lower than those on the west, so it’s a good idea to look at the east if you plan on staying for a long time.

Compare prices and you will find that you pay around 80,000 Baht for a property on the east side, while a similar quality property on the west coast costs you more than 140,000 Baht. That’s a difference of 75 percent!

The Bay at Cape Yamu, one of the best examples of modern architecture in Phuket, is a superb example of this.

Try finding a 792m2 waterfront villa for 45,000,000 Baht anywhere along the west coast.

Twin Palms, a five-star resort in the vicinity of Baan Yamu, manages this development. Prices start at just 12,830,000 Baht, a fraction of what you would pay for a similar property on the west coast.

The East Coast is growing at a steady rate. The developers are not fighting over the plots to build a lot of dull apartments or overpriced villas. They build carefully planned and high-quality developments.

Villas offer privacy, large interiors, and spectacular views. Condos can be used for both permanent and extended holidays.