Searching for conversational Hypnosis in the search engines and on video sites will bring up a lot of information about mind control, rapid introductions, or comic exploitations of hypnotized subjects. There will be plenty of information available on how to control people so that they do what you want. Visit the power of conversational hypnosis before reading this.

Internet is an immediate medium. If you can’t grab attention in the first few second, people will click away. It is for this reason that I can understand why much of the information on conversational Hypnosis is sensationalistic. You don’t have to believe that conversational hypnosis is impossible to use to influence another person’s behavior. Simply put, it is.

However, I am concerned about how the information about hypnosis is promoted. It sets unrealistic expectations for people who are interested in learning hypnosis techniques. This is especially true if you’re talking about conversationalhypnosis. Let me tell why.

Other forms of hypnosis or hypnotic inducement are more subtle and should be seen as such. The person being hypnotized has consented to the hypnosis. Each subject is aware of what to expect. Similar to the stage hypnotist, a person who goes to a hypnotherapist knows that they will be hypnotized. In fact, they actually want it to happen. Conversational Hypnosis is quite different.